About Us

Since 2001, the international Summer Academy for Contemporary Music has provided an open space for young qualified postgraduate students, where they can immerse themselves in contemporary music, ensemble repertoire and fundamentals of improvisation.


A group of postgraduate composers and instrumentalists get together with a distinguished «composer in residence» and an experienced «ensemble for New Music» for an intensive work experience. In daily workshops for instrumentalists they rehearse new pieces and work with improvisation. Composers explore how to perform and conduct their own pieces with the «ensemble in residence». These practical workshops are complemented by lectures on contemporary music aesthetics, a master class in composition and career training.


The Academy provides an opportunity for international instrumentalists and composers to experience contemporary music in a truly personal and inspiring atmosphere that facilitates experimentation and improvisation. At the end of the Summer Academy, the workshop results are presented in a final concert.


The International Summer Academy for Contemporary Music is a partner in the ULYSSES network project. It supports and promotes young European artists and encourages their mobility by providing them with the opportunity to live their passion in the best European venues dedicated to New Music.